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Will Smith And Sadhguru Met In America And Connected Over Spirituality

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Hollywood actor Will Smith and Indian spiritual guru Sadhguru recently met for the first time and spent time at Smith’s house in America with his family.

Sadhguru is currently traveling across the United States on his bicycle and has decided to make a pit stop at the Smith Residence. The spiritual guru shared a mini-vlog of the two meetings for the first time on his Instagram page. In the video, you see Sadhguru entering the property on a bicycle and meeting Will Smith and his daughter Willow Smith.

“Sadhguru is in town. I have been for a while. He wrote a wonderful book called “Inner Engineering”. I want my family to meet spiritual people, to start interacting with people who are not hooked on to the material world, ”Will Smith says in the video.

“Will Smith Welcomes Sadhguru: A Behind-the-Scenes Look Will Smith welcomes Sadhguru to his home to spend quality time with his family. They share sincere conversations, deep poetry and appreciate the spirit and wisdom of Sadhguru! “Sadhguru captioned the video.

In the video, Sadhguru, Will and Willow are all seated at a table, where the Smith family listens intently to the spiritual guru and his words of wisdom. At one point, Willow Smith also recites one of her scriptures. We also hear the guru advising Willow to never give up on herself and her wonders. “You remain wonderful, never give up the wonderful. Don’t give up on your wonder no matter who the hell does what. Let them do anything.

This is not the only Indian spiritual connection Will Smith has. In the past, Smith traveled to India and participated in various programs, including Ganga aarti in Haridwar.

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