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Where To Order Dinner Tonight: Oktoberfest And The Brews

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Just because Oktoberfest is canceled this year doesn’t mean you aren’t stocking up on craft beer. If you’re still in the mood to keep the party going, even indoors, craft beer brands and special menus tell you how

Effingut Breweries

With a motto “Go all craft and preservative-free”, Effingut Breweries offers a menu of beers and entrees with a new starter: sold out cereal pretzels. While Effingut brews the usual Oktoberfest beer called Marzen every year, they launched Effingut 2 Go across Maharashtra and have a selection of craft beers to choose from. I found the Sorachi Ace Saison particularly tasty. If you are hosting beer pong at home, they also have microwave ready meals to go with your drinks. There is a party.

Available: At Effingut 2 Go outlets in Mumbai and Pune.



Mumbai microbrewery Crafters launched its very first beer growing station this month, which offers seven flavors of draft beers available in take-out growlers. Growlers are pressurized containers that hold freshly brewed craft beer. If your game night is looking for a cool cucumber lager or a fruity Hefeweizen, this is it.

Available: On order via or via WhatsApp and Call. The on-the-go growler can also be picked up at Andheri’s point of sale.

Hammer & Song Lager Oktoberfest

Cuffe Parade’s Hammer & Song has a craft beer menu that offers plenty of options to accompany your meal, as well as Oktoberfest, a traditional German-style lager from Helles. Think fried chicken-fries-with some interesting weekend dips and an old-school lager to drink.

Available: To order directly from the Hammer & Song website, call + 91-22-40647733.

BeeYoung Strong Craft Beer & Yavira Lager

Yes, it’s so much fun going out to a brewery, but staying in bars is not a good idea right now. If you don’t like your beer too light, BeeYoung is a strong beer crafted with a punchy taste. Pairing it with hefty snacks for a well-earned binge binge night looks like a shot you wouldn’t want to skip. For lovers of lager and for those who like to accompany their beer with good Indian cuisine, Yavira will do the trick.

Available: In Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh

Flight operated

Beer subscription box, yes. The Tapped Beer Festival has seen over 400 craft beers over the past five years, now there is Tapped Flight, a beer subscription box that allows you to receive a selection of beers, first access to new beers , etc. The Curious Case offers a selection of 12 or 24 bottled beers handpicked by the Tapped team. Each flight (mystery subscription box) offers four different styles of bottled beers, Indian and International. They also have the Swingin Growler subscription, for those who like to enjoy a freshly brewed draft beer at home. This is where your next homemade beer can come from.

Available: sure

7 Pretz-Ale rivers

Bengaluru’s newest microbrewery, 7rivers Brewery at Taj MG Road, brews Oktoberfest beer – Pretz-Ale – a Munich-style lager using handmade pretzels. Not that Bengaluru is ever bereft of brewing options, but it looks like a place that will help your brewery taste buds evolve, in case you want to explore.

Available: At Taj MG Road, Bangalore

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