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US Restaurant Names A Dish After Deepika Padukone

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Over the years, we’ve seen restaurants named their dishes after a celebrity or public figure. Chicken Sanju Baba at Bombay’s Noor Mohammadi Hotel is perhaps the most well-known dish named after celebrities. Another iconic example would be a cocktail called Shoaibtini which was the name of Akshay Kumar’s character in Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara!

This list has continued to grow and the most recent to join is none other than Deepika Padukone. During their recent visit to the United States with husband Ranveer Singh, the couple visited an Indian restaurant while they were in Austin, Texas.

The restaurant named “Dosa Labs” named a dosa in honor of the actress and sparked a major conversation on social media. As it turns out, the dosa isn’t the only dish named after the actress. A restaurant in Pune also gave its name to a parantha thali.

Dishes bearing the names of celebrities were very common at this time. There is also the Chiru Dosa, named after the Telugu actor Chiranjeevi. This dosa is a chewy, oil-free steamed dosa. Many recipes for Chiru Dosa, said to originate from Chiranjeevi’s home in Hyderabad.

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