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Tom Moody Shares Why He Thinks Rishabh Pant Struggled This Season

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The Delhi Capitals have suffered four losses in their last five matches, pulling them down to third place in the IPL points table. And players like Rishabh Pant fall short of what they expect. The goaltender-batter has scored just 274 points in 10 tournament games, averaging 30.44 and a strike rate of 112.29.

Australian all-rounder Tom Moody weighed in on Pant’s recent form and said Pant was not in the best shape before the league started. “I think one of the things that has derailed IPL at this point is the way it got to IPL. From what I understood, his condition was not in a place it needed to be, ”Moody said during an interaction on ESPNCricinfo.

“I respect that everyone has been locked up and there have been challenges about it, but for me there is no excuse. Absolutely, no excuse. We don’t play in the ’80s or’ 70s, ”added Moody.

Rishabh pants should look more like Virat Kohli

Moody added that Pant should have followed the lead of Virat Kohli, who is a cricketer who pays special attention to his level of fitness.

“The Indian team has arguably the best role models when it comes to their captain’s preparation and well-being at Virat Kohli. So there is absolutely no excuse, ”added Moody.

“So these pants derailed not only physically but also mentally. And then he got hurt. Surprise Surprise. I wonder why he got hurt. Because his condition was far from where it should be.

“You have to help the player to regain his concentration and his understanding. Understand and accept mistakes, put them behind and move in a positive direction, ”concluded Moody.

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