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The Burst Of Cloud Kitchens

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As restaurants and cafes are slowly opening up with socially distant standards, let’s not forget the cloud kitchens that got us through a tough lockdown, and continue to do so. Here are a few to try if, like me, you’re still ordering


Mumbai-based pan-Asian delivery kitchen Kaiyo recently rebooted their delivery kitchen and has some exciting options. Their dandan noodles are a one bowl meal, delicately prepared in lightly spiced sauces with vegetables and your choice of meat. Seafood lovers can try the shrimp gyoza, lightly seared shrimp appetizers, and for those who want safer options, their Thai Chili Basil Chicken is the right choice.

Order via: Zomato

Colossal kitchens

Colossal Kitchens of Mumbai began during the pandemic as one-stop-shop, all-vegetarian luxury cuisine offering five brands of street food, Oriental, Indian and more. They also have a Jain segment, called All Things Jain, in case that’s your preference. They have a Colossal Spread, a large brunch box that you can order from home to top off your FOMO Brunch. A choice of two soups and salads each, three starters, sliders / rolls, main courses and desserts, it’s perfect for a party. Their pear salad was crisp and fresh, the Spanish patatas bravas make a great appetizer, before enjoying lasagna. So Sunday sorted.

Order via Zomato, Swiggy, Broeats


He’s the newest kid in the neighborhood and he’s meant to make healthy food tasty.

MasterChef India finalist Chef Karishma Sakhrani has carefully curated the menu, which features vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options, not to mention Keto options. Their spicy Turkish wrap has delicious spicy sauces with lentil or chicken skewers, but what works best for me is the combination of barley and quinoa in their salads, especially the cereal and chicken salad. green vegetables, which contains fresh orange added to the mixture. The packaging ensures that the food is not soggy and the food shows how clean eating can be ordered as well.

Order via Zomato / Swiggy.


cloud kitchen

Burgers at home? Yes please. A Delhi-based cloud kitchen that was launched during the pandemic, Gobsmackers is the idea of ​​chefs Parth Saxena and Priyam Kumar, to deliver gourmet burgers to the comfort of your home. The menu allows you to choose ingredients and also has a DIY option to assemble your own burger at home. If there’s a health freak among you, you can also have a bowl of burger swap buns for a healthy salad. While veggie burgers contain ingredients like quinoa, black beans, adobo, and super seeds, the meat patty options include a 5-spice flavored Korean-style pulled pork, lamb patty English and filet. The toppings and sauces you can choose from are chipotle, relish, sauerkraut, maple bacon, etc. And of course you can order sides. Quite the Saturday meal.

Order via Zomato, Swiggy, WeFast

Hello Panda

cloud kitchen

I had already written about this when I wrote the Delhi edition of this column. Hello Panda is Chef Vikramjit Roy’s latest well-known business and serves a plethora of pan-Asian dishes such as cold platters, ramen, sushi, dim sum, and more. It’s not just any staple Asian menu, but there are also maki rolls with toro scallions, edamame truffle dimsums, and desserts like fried apple pie with cinnamon. I was sold when I saw shiitake mushrooms with garlic on the menu, so you pick your go-to too.

Order via Zomato

This curry place

That Curry Place, based in Bengaluru, is a delivery kitchen to bring you all the best curries from around the world and cuisines. Started by the folks behind Asian Restaurant 1Q1, That Curry Place offers Asian, Indian, Mediterranean dishes and more. Try an Indonesian fish curry or your favorite Chicken Tikka Masala. They have side dishes like rice, wok noodles, brown rice, chapati, garlic bread, or herb pilaf so it looks like you can order something for everyone here.

Order via Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo.

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