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Tesher Talks About Combining Bollywood Classics With Hip-Hop Music And More

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With his unique ability to merge Bollywood classics with current hip-hop charts and release his greatest single, not to mention all the steam of TikTok, Tesher is proving to be a name you should take note of.

Tesher, aka Hitesh Sharma, lived most of his life as a simple Indo-Canadian boy. He grew up in a desi house in the small town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. While areas like Ontario or Vancouver are known to have a large population of Indian families, Saskatchewan did not have too many Indian families. But Tesher was fortunate enough to be a part of a niche Punjabis community that gave vent to their disinterest, which allowed him to be exposed to Indian culture and music. His interest in music began with being a young DJ at weddings and other Indian events.

He used to accompany his father, a videographer to these functions, and he would spin his Bollywood tunes for Indian aunts and uncles to let loose on the dance floor. “The Indian community in my town has started to grow. People had weddings, birthdays, and other small events, but we didn’t have big banquet halls, so the Indians rented these community center gyms. People started asking for video or music services, and local Canadians would have a hard time getting into such an event. My dad is extremely involved in the community and he decided to do videography for all of these events. This eventually led people to ask him if he provided DJ services. He replied, “No, I don’t, but I have an 11 year old son who really loves computers and music.” That’s how I started DJing, and that was the start of it all, “he recalls.

Tesher used to keep abreast of all the new Bollywood songs to play at functions. But when he wasn’t a DJ or looking for new Bollywood music, he spent his time listening to hip-hop. Somewhere, in the midst of it all, he decided to merge the two together. To say he has an ear for it would be an understatement. Now mashups are by no means new, but mixing Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with French Montana is unheard of and complicated. But one way or another, Tesher does his magic and makes it work. His mashups include combos that you never expect to see in a single song. For example, AR Rahman + Travis Scott, Govinda + Drake or Diljit Dosanjh + Big Sean. “For me, it’s just a fun process. Genres are a thing of the past. Pushing the boundaries and seeing how different things come together is amazing. I once mixed a piece of metal with vocals from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and it ended up sounding phenomenal. You must try. This is the key, try. You could just hit something awhile, and you could create something completely new in the process. “

Tesher’s most successful mashup, and the one that put it on the map, is his merger of Ramta Jogi from Sukhwinder Singh and Lil Nas X Road to the old town. And he can thank TikTok for that. The song was originally released a year ago, but exploded into the realms of TikTok and continued to skyrocket in popularity, with thousands of special TikToks on the song itself, making it a hit. unique trend on the app. TikTok has undoubtedly served as a springboard to success for an artist like Tesher. But after the app’s ban in India and its precarious future in America, the focus has been on Tesher’s presence on YouTube and Spotify. Shortly after taking off his mashup, the artist decided to drop an original composition entitled Young Shahrukh. Once again, drawing on its Bollywood and hip-hop influences, the track rocked Bole Chudiyan, and placed it on trap drums, with rap verses filled with references to Shah Rukh Khan. The song exploded and all the noise it made caught the attention of the big bosses at Sony Music India, who took it over and gave it a release on a big label. “We see this with many artists today. Their songs are exploding on a platform like TikTok, and it’s getting the attention of a big label. Sony Music India saw it with Young Shahrukh and they reached out and said, “Hey, this is something we would love to be a part of, and we can help you take this song to the next level.” , ”Tesher said.

Currently, the 25-year-old artist is working on a few other possible releases with Sony Music, as well as his other original singles. From now on, he plans to flood his music portfolio with more original content, and even has a huge surprise collaboration coming up. “Usually, I don’t take that long to let go of new music, but then again, I’ve never really had such an important moment in my career. So I take a little time, I take a step back and I take everything into account, I am sure to make the right movements, ”he adds. Tesher has gone from being a self-taught young DJ playing Bollywood tunes at parties to creating mashups and original songs that bring some serious numbers. He single-handedly succeeded in giving mashups a refreshing rebirth and pushing them to new levels, in creative ways. In the process, he may have created his own genre, even though he doesn’t believe in them.

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