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Sunburn Announces Return Of Goa Festival, Fans Criticise The Decision

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India is now slowly returning to recovery. The restrictions are gradually being lifted, with careful consideration and strict measures in place to maintain India’s control over the virus.

A lot of once normal things are all impossible to do at this point. The biggest examples are live performances and festivals. November to December is the peak festival season, but for obvious reasons almost all festivals have decided to have a virtual festival at home. For example, the NH7 Weekender still managed to secure an outstanding roster of international and national artists for its home festival. But Sunburn doesn’t want to do that.

The festival will still run its public festival in Goa, but with security measures. They will only allow 20% of the usual capacity, have thermal sweeping, sanitation and other measures.

They captioned their post: β€œWe’ve thought a lot about how to make sunburns happen this year. Eventually we came to the conclusion that life has to start over and the show has to go on. We are grateful to have the support of the authorities in this regard. “

They added, β€œFan safety is our top priority this year, and for that reason Sunburn Goa 2020 will be a different experience than you are used to. This is a very limited capacity event, operating at 20% of the total festival capacity. We will follow social distancing standards, with each participant having their designated space in front of the main stage. New entry and exit protocols will be in place to ensure your safe passage to the festival. “

While some people were happy with the comeback, a majority of people took to Twitter to criticize the move, saying it was still dangerous and not the right time.

Scroll through some of the reviews:

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