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Steve Carell Says He Doesn’t Remember Most Of The Office References And Lines

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Steve Carell played one of the most iconic characters in the Dunder Mifflin family. So, it’s natural for us to assume that he might know every line or reference of his character Michael Scott. But we are wrong.

Recently, Carell joined former co-star Rainn Wilson’s virtual sit-down series. Soul pancake to discuss various topics including, Office and its growing popularity. When Wilson asked his former co-star in the video, “How did it go for you, that kind of weird Office rebirth obsession in progress? “Carell admits,” I don’t know if you feel the same way, but the people who watch the show definitely know the show better than we do. He continues to explain, “Maybe we watched it once as we all got together to watch episodes.” That was the bulk of my look at the show. He later goes on to reveal that he doesn’t know all the details, admitting, “When people refer to lines and songs… some of them don’t really sound at all.”

Watch the conversation below.

Carell left the series after the seventh season and made a reappearance in the series’ season finale. If we’ll see, it’s been 10 years since he portrayed Michael Scott, it makes sense that the actor doesn’t remember every moment. Carell was even reluctant to come back for the finale.According to creator Greg Daniels, Carell was reluctant to come back for the finale because he didn’t want it to become all around him. “Like he was like, ‘Everyone that’s been through those other two years, that’s the end of the series. This is the end of all their stories. I’m gone, it’s not all about me. “So it’s safe to assume that the actor doesn’t remember the exact script details. But we’re pretty sure Carell will never forget his iconic ‘That’s what she said.’

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