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Six Must-Watch Anime To Watch

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Take a break from the usual storylines and dive into the world of Japanese anime shows for your next frenzy session. We’ve rounded up some of the best anime available right now to add them to your watchlist


Psycho Pass, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, boasts one of the most unique anime storylines. In 2113 in Japan, law enforcement used the Sybil system, a surveillance network that scans the human brain and displays “crime coefficients,” which indicate the likelihood of them committing a crime. Individuals with a higher number are locked up or even killed. It is a macabre and tyrannical view of Japan, where citizens fear for their lives and law enforcement agencies are forced to comply with this harsh measure of justice.


Castlevania is technically not an anime, as it is not animated in Japan. But this Netflix series is heavily inspired by the anime style of drawing, animation and screenplay, and is based on the popular Japanese video game series of the same name. Castlevania is a dark fantasy that gives a unique twist to the classic tale of Count Dracula. After Dracula’s wife is burned at the stake, he swears revenge and builds an army of demons to terrorize the people of Wallachia. But Trevor Belmont, the vampire hunter, will do everything in his power to end Dracula’s reign of terror.



You’d think being the most powerful being in the world would be a good thing, but not for One Punch Man, who can take down anyone with – you guessed it – a punch. But that seems to be the problem of his life. No real opponent will ever be able to challenge him, which leaves him depressed and bored. One Punch Man was an original manga (Japanese comic) series that sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The Netflix series has two fresh seasons that can be enjoyed by anyone, thanks to its English dubbing.


Based on Osamu Tezuka’s manga of the same name, Dororo, on Amazon Prime Video, is a dark fantasy tale of a cursed samurai named Hyakkimaru and his companion, Dororo. Hyakkimaru’s father sacrifices parts of his newborn son to 12 demons, in exchange for the prosperity of his kingdom. The son grows up to be Hyakkimaru, a fierce and courageous samurai, who fights the 12 demons to steal what was stolen from him, and a young Dororo stands by his side as he embarks on this dangerous journey. Demons, intense clashes and samurai sword fights, along with emotional moments, are what you can expect from the series.


Sai K was born with strong psychic abilities. Growing up, he learned to control his abilities and decided never to reveal his secret. But keeping your powers hidden in a high school poses a real challenge, and the result is three hilarious seasons of The Disastrous Life of Sai K, which shows K struggling to cope with ordinary tasks, with his extraordinary powers. The 2012 original series is currently streaming along with the all-new Netflix series, giving you plenty of Sai K to catch up with.


Japan Sinks 2020 is Netflix’s modern animated reinterpretation of Sayo Komatsu’s hit 1973 sci-fi novel Japan Sinks. The series was directed by Masaaki Yuasa, best known for his work on the horror and bloody anime Devilman’s Crybaby. The show follows a family whose lives were turned upside down after a devastating earthquake in Japan. The result is an endearing journey that tests the family’s resolve as they try to survive as the Japanese archipelago sinks.

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