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Six Indian Bands You Should Check Out

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A new breed of bands are currently on the rise in the Indian music scene, making a lot of noise with their unique sounds. We take a look at some of the leaders of the pack.


Band Members: Joshua Fernandez, Sashank Manohar, Harshan Radhakrishnan and Abhinav Krishnaswamy.

The Chennai-based F16s have something for everyone. Their music has a strong emphasis on catchy melodies, with mainstream appeal, and never strayed too far from its independent and alternative roots. The band love to dive into different musical territories, which helps them encapsulate different ranges of melancholy and euphoria in one project. With international tours and four solid projects already under their belt, there’s nothing stopping the F16s from becoming India’s next big band.


Band Members: Sid Shirodkar, Nirmit Shah, Sahil Shah and Harshvardhan Gadhvi

It was during an internship at Indus Creed keyboardist Zubin Balaporia’s studio that Sid Shirodkar and Nirmit Shah met and decided to start working together. Soon Sahil Shah and Harshvardhan Gadhvi were enlisted, and Ape Echoes was formed. Over the years, the group has grown to become a festival favorite, with a musical palette as varied as the colors of a Van Gogh painting. They evolve in genres like progressive rock, electronics, soul, funk, among others. The music of the monkeys is a complex weaving of raw instruments and immersive sounds, with experimentation being a big part of the group’s philosophy.


Band Members: Sannidh Shah, Brijesh Joshi, Jagravi Rao, Avneesh Gadgil, Amarjeet Prabhudesai and Shravan Samsi

If Mumbai’s haunting rains had an official anthem, it would probably be a Bombay Bandook song. Bombay Bandook is a Hindi fusion rock band that incorporates a powerful and lyrical classical voice, complemented by intricate instrumental layers that seem symbolic of the hypnotizing and synchronized chaos of the city. The result is a concoction of melodies that are equally powerful emotionally and healing.


Band Members: Kaprila Keishing, Shitij Gulati, Sharan Gulati and Akshat Pathak

Man.Goes Human is a Delhi-based indie-rock band with a unique soundscape. Started by brothers Sharan and Shitlij Gulati as a simple college band, which then developed into a career, the band dabble in everything from blues to psychedelic, but generally stay true to their indierock sound which has primarily helped them gain a base. loyal fans. While the group had several projects under their belt, the most recent – and most important – was their work in the Hollywood action thriller Netflix Extraction, which put them in international limelight.


Group members: Akshat Pradhan, Dan Thomas, Pranay Parti, Sreerag and Kunwar Tanishque

Pakshee is a bird with many feathers, who takes fusion music to new heights. The band members were part of their Delhi University’s music society, and soon after the university festivals decided to turn it into a professional business. The members are from different states of India and let their influences and culture be reflected directly in their music. Pakshee prides itself on its potential to deliver moving sounds that blend traditional Indian sounds with instruments like guitars, piano and drums.


Group members: Doc.Awes, Hanumankind, Soorya Praveen, Sange Wangchuk, Philip John and Gautam David

Till Apes (Till All People Evolve Slightly) is a young band from Bengaluru, which falls into the neo-hip-hop genre. It’s always a party with Till Apes, as the band’s sound draws fans of rap, rock, funk and jazz, all on one stage. The six band members contribute in their own way to the band’s signature tone, through incredible layers of saxophone and funky rhythms, paired with solid bars and lyrical rhymes.

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