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Scientists Have Discovered A ‘Hell’ Planet With Lava Oceans And Rocky Rain

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Want to tell someone to go to hell? Well, you can actually point someone to their exact location instead of pointing to the ground thanks to a new infernal planet discovery.

Scientists have discovered a new “infernal” exoplanet. With a cute nickname like “planet of hell”, the chances of humans inhabiting are slim to none. Why? Because the planets have oceans made of lava, raindrops made of rocks, and the winds are supersonic. Not the most ideal place for a getaway from Earth. We’re just going to stick with Mars, thank you very much.

While the universe has no limits on bizarre planets, the planet of hell is one of the most extreme planets ever discovered by scientists. Officially named K2-141b, the planet is located about 200 light years from us and is slightly larger than Earth.

According to an article by Canadian authors in the Monthly notices from the Royal Astronomical Society, the planet also has a polarizing, extreme side, made up of ice. It’s located close to the star, which means half of it receives constant daylight and is close to 3000 degrees Celsius, perfect for a good tan. The other side is shrouded in darkness and experiences freezing temperatures of -200 degrees Celsius, so bring your coat.

Astronomers have known the planet since 2018, but a Canadian team used lighting patterns to learn more about its surface and weather conditions.

“Our discovery likely means that the atmosphere extends a bit beyond the shore of the Magma Ocean, making it easier to spot with space telescopes,” McGill University co-author Nicolas Cowan told CBS News.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the memes to erupt upon the new discovery, with many calling it Star Wars’ Mustafar.

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