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Prada Accidentally Offered 99 Percent Off On Sale Items

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Prada Japan customers reportedly experienced heavily discounted products last week after an issue with online pricing. The technical issue resulted in a 99% discount on items, including handbags and accessories.

Customers have reportedly seen many of the Italian brand’s iconic pieces, such as its nylon backpacks, hats, jackets and sneakers, fall within a price range of ¥ 583 to JPY 2,255 yen (around Rs.416 to 1611 rupees).

A day later, the luxury brand released a statement clarifying that the accidental display of a 99% reduction was due to technical issues: “Our official Prada website experienced a technical issue that resulted in pricing inaccuracies. indicated on certain goods. The problem is now resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused. “

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