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Pick An Artisanal Ice Cream

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Good food deserves a real gourmet dessert afterwards, and while we have no shortage of ice cream options, maybe it’s time to open up to some artisanal flavors of the country.


Bring this one to the fore, as it is available in multiple locations. While I’m not a big fan of the word “healthy” when choosing dessert, protein-rich ice cream without compromising on taste made me reconsider. Strawberry banana, Sicilian pistachio, Belgian chocolate are a few examples of flavors you can dive into if you get bored of the usual chocobar-ish combinations.

The big little penguin

A brand of artisanal Calcutta ice cream created by Chef Jayatri, The Fat Little Penguin is all about small batches, more premium tubs. The menus are organized, and the November menu has some interesting options, like a coffee ice cream sandwich, a spicy caramel apple, or the butter and mint chocolate. Perhaps the perfect company for a solo evening.

Chubby cheeks

Everyone in Delhi is delighted with Chubby Cheeks, its limited and exquisite menu of artisanal ice cream. With a minimum order of one liter (basically your long weekend frenzy idea), their winter menu includes Fig & Honey, Very Dark Chocolate, Pick Me Up Coffee, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, their Salted caramel is quite popular. I would say take some and make your own Sunday shake.


Ice cream

Launched by chocolate company Felicita Chocolates, Scoop’d is all about artisanal European flavors. From Biscoff lotus crumbs to rich Sicilian pistachio, a bunch of interesting vegan options as well as sugar-free options, this is where you can get your next ice cream haul, in Mumbai.

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

having dinner

Amadora in Chennai makes artisanal ice cream in small batches, but promises to deliver goodies to your doorstep across India in new condition. Their Nutella is said to be a bestseller, but there are plenty of choices – ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, sundaes – there is something for all types of ice cream lovers.

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