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Lounge Wear As Fashion Statement

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Upheavals and disasters have, over the centuries, left a lasting legacy on how we live, what we eat and what we wear. The Nazis made decaffeinated coffee popular by saying that caffeine is not good for a healthy Aryan. The humble Khishri, some say, evolved from the Bengal famine of 1943. The military forms that soldiers wore in wars in the past have had a direct influence on some of the clothing we wear today. This pandemic is no different. He will go down in history as another touchstone that changed the course of human life in many ways. The food and drink stand has already been modified. So what about fashion? A new style culture is emerging, thanks to the fact that most of our interactions with people are limited to a few square frames of the laptop or phone. With no social gatherings to consistently validate our need for individuality, dress language is all about comfort. How long will this phenomenon last? No one really knows. However, some of the smaller brands and designers believe the WFH is here to stay, at least for the medium term. This is reflected in their emphasis on loungewear in their new designs. I have tried some of them over the past few months. Here are my favorites.


The brand’s name is just as inexplicably wacky as their collections of men’s shirts. It’s meant to stand out, and trust me, from name to design, it definitely does. The current collection is heavily inspired by technology – it’s such a big part of all of our lives right now – and maybe a little weird for a man my age and my humor. Nonetheless, I braved with two shirts that I thought I could fit into my life, both virtual and in real time. Made-to-order pieces are nothing if not remarkable and sometimes bordering on the bizarre, but taken together as a collection, you get a feel for their style and why they would be fun to revisit for a statement piece every season.


Still a weird name, but super comfy t-shirts and denim sweaters, which looks as easy as egg fried rice and is as comfy as egg fried rice to me again. They boast many technological advancements – odor-resistant, stain-resistant, sweat-wicking and super stretchy. Their is one of two pairs of jeans that I acquired while locking, and both are finished in a selvedge, while still providing all-day comfort, a feature much sought after today. For the price, it was a nice acquisition and my frequency of wear testifies to it.

Selected man

Another brand of shirts do very good things, and their no-iron shirt (okay, less wear-so-need-less ironing would be more appropriate) is a good mix of natural and synthetic fabrics. without tipping the scales. They look natural with a smooth fall and fit well without compromising on movement.


This well-established loungewear brand has decided to launch loungewear in the form of pajama-tee combos. Pastel-toned t-shirts with plaid backgrounds made from natural fabrics have always been a thing, but I like the special touch of a zipper pocket with a fairly unnoticeable zipper that lets you hold a wallet and coins. keys without fear of them falling. Obviously the intention here is to allow you to go out for small chores without the need to change clothes and not look scruffy, even in a pair of jammies.

SS Male

Designers Sandeep and Sarah create a cute combo, balancing form and functionality in their handcrafted items. Their bespoke pedigree is already established in men’s formal, and they’ve extended their signature flair to sleepwear. Satin, cut in bold styles and lengths, is a sleepwear to celebrate bedtime as an occasion rather than just downtime. It’s comfy but it’s also trendy, personalized for the size and with your initials embroidered, so much so that you hope someone calls you late at night and you can show it off.

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