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Kanye West’s Boldest, Most Memorable Quotes From The Joe Rogan Podcast

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Joe Rogan finally hosted Kanye Wets on his podcast, and it didn’t disappoint. Fans have been waiting for this to happen for a long time, and hoped it would provide a platform for West to clarify and elaborate on some of his statements. That’s what happened and, of course, Mr. West made a few other notable statements about the three hour episode.

Scroll through some of them:

“We all take medicine”

We are all on medication right now. Have you used fluoride toothpaste today? It blocks your penile gland. And they put children on it. We put our kids on it. It’s inside the deodorants that we use. This is all to create a disconnect with God, to serve that. Are you serving the man or are you serving the one and only master? “

“I am Christian, therefore I am pro-life Pro-Life”

“People saw this clip of me crying. Some people didn’t know why I was crying. I was crying about the fact that there’s a chance Kim and I didn’t make the family we have today. This is my most family way of saying it. The idea tears me apart inside, that I’m part of a culture that promotes this kind of thing. One of the main statistics on the subject of life is that the biggest advocates of the A word [abortion] are men aged 31 to 37. It’s my age. I felt like I was too busy. My dad felt like he was too busy for me. We have a culture of that… In our culture we are doped, excited and forced to kill our children. We need to separate the conversation about family planning from women’s choice. I am Christian, therefore I am pro-life. When I take office, I don’t change the laws because I realize that we live in an imperfect world and an imperfect society. What I will present is a plan A. We have already started working on a plan A to change the connotation of orphanages, to change the connotation of foster care. “

“There have been 210,000 deaths from COVID in America. Everywhere you go you see someone with a mask. With A, the word A, the culture – I’ll say it once, with the culture of abortion – there are 1,000 aborted black children every day. Daily. We are in a genocide. More black children since February than people have died from COVID. And everyone wears a mask. So the question is, where to turn a blind eye? “

“God calls me to take this position”

“There are people who say to me, ‘Well, music is bigger, or more influential, than politics, or celebrities are more influential,” he said. “I thought of it as if I was the pastor of a church of 100,000 people, but then I was also captain, sailor, then we went to war and I said, ‘I’m going to pilot this ship that has 1000 people on this because God calls me to take this position ”.

“Even though I’m the pastor of hip-hop audience, music or just as an influencer or celebrity, [as] a father and a husband in my house – there couldn’t be a better time to place a visionary in the captain’s chair. And that doesn’t mean we haven’t had visionaries before. I’m not here to shoot Trump, to shoot Biden – I’m just here to express why God called me to take this position. “

“I had the virus”

“Why did I register so late to run for president?” COVID. I had the virus and I was sitting, quarantined in my home, and my cousin texted me saying I was ready to run for president. I just put it aside altogether because I wanted to shiver, take shakes, take hot showers, eat soup. I don’t think it was that bad – I think it was a mild case. [But] it destroyed everyone’s plans. “

“We are given Black History Month and we take it as if it is a gift for us”

“Most black people, we don’t know where we’re from. We think we come from slaves. We don’t know our lineage. We are given Black History Month and we take it as a gift to us. No, it’s programming for us. Racism only stops when we get to a point where we stop having to put the word ‘Black’ in front of it, because it’s like putting the rim a little lower for ourselves… We shouldn’t have to have a special box, a special month. What they show during Black History Month is that we water ourselves, reminding ourselves that we were slaves. What if we had, remember when I cheated on you the month? How does this make you feel? It makes you feel exhausted and defeated.

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