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Kangana Ranaut Says She Is “Hot And Sexy”, Doesn’t Need To F*ck Herself

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Kangana Ranaut’s journey from the country’s great liberal hope to an internet troll has been a roller coaster ride – one we desperately want to quit.

The country, especially the so-called ‘liberal media’, rallied around Ranaut when she was subjected to gruesome accusations from Bollywood insiders and publicly ridiculed by Bollywood biggies like Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan.

Johar and Khan’s insincere apology received severe backlash, and Ranaut, a brilliantly gifted actress, was applauded not only for her films but also for her courage in standing up to the patriarchy so deeply rooted in our society.

Ranaut is still an extremely talented artist and is always very outspoken, except that she now seems to enjoy making controversial statements and dangerous remarks about mental health.

It started with the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput earlier this year. Ranaut was one of the first to defend the theory that Rajput’s death was not suicide and that something was wrong. Ranaut quickly became a Republic TV favorite and continued to comment unfavorably on Deepika Padukone’s trial with depression and made tasteless comments about Urmila Matondkar on national television.

Today, a Twitter handle asked people if they had ever considered suicide, self-harm, collapsed in public and asked netizens to retweet “and let people know how bad the breakup is.” current ”.

Internet personality Priyanka Paul tweeted the tweet and wrote, “One day I did them all together and that’s what I call multitasking.” Paul has been open about his mental health issues and has advocated for mental health awareness in the past.

To everyone’s surprise, three National Film Awards recipient Kangana Ranaut and Padma Shri continued to troll Paul on his tweet.

Apni halat dekho kuch lete kyun nahin? Suicidal self ho, toxic ho, looks scary bhi, aisi kaun si kami hai jo aap mein nahin? Mujhe gyan mat do mujhse gyan lo, change that hairstyle as soon as possible and learn to meditate, ”wrote Ranaut, behind the 21-year-old on Twitter.

Paul was obviously not happy with that answer and simply said, “Fuck you.”

And then, Kangana Ranaut said this:

“No no no I’m hot and hot, I don’t do it myself.”


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