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How To Perfect Salt And Pepper Hair

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Remember those ads where a gray-haired family member was shamed? Then there will be this amazing dye, and everyone will be happy again. However, the idea of ​​”gray is bad” has undergone a huge change in recent years. The salt and pepper look, that is, black and white hair, has now evolved into the hallmark of a confident man who is not afraid to be real. The mindset around her has changed, and that’s largely because men have become much more confident in themselves.

The biggest change has to be for younger men to embrace the appearance of their first gray strands and proudly hold them as they are. Riaan George, content creator and luxury blogger, had graying hair in her late twenties, and decided to embrace it and make it part of her personality. “Personally, I think the salt and pepper look gives men an air of dignified elegance. But what’s interesting is guys like me, who started aging in their late twenties, who keep this look alive, and that turns out to be a real style statement, “he says. Fashion designer Nikhil Mehra, from fashion label Shantanu & Nikhil, also proudly sports the salt and pepper look, without feeling the need to cover it in black dye. “Today, graying hair is not a problem. I neither hide it nor cover it. I think salt and pepper hair makes you look more distinguished, elegant and confident. Plus, hairstyles for S&P hair don’t have to be complicated. Instead, keep it simple and style your hair short, keep your beard neat and trimmed, and you’re done, ”he says.

Equally important is paying attention to maintaining the look. Imagine keeping it in bad shape and ruining what it can do to your style. For salt and pepper, your best bet would be to go for a specific haircut that suits the look, according to celebrity hairstylist Vikas Marwah. “A shabby set of hair doesn’t go well with this style, so make sure you get a sleek cut. Apart from that, always use a fine comb to style your S&P hair with hair wax for a sleek and stylish look. Also, be sure to nourish and condition your hair with natural products to maintain its quality, ”adds Marwah.

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Although your grays are natural and the result of a lack of melanin, they still need to be cared for, as they are prone to very specific issues that can spoil your appearance. Delphine Sarroche, hairdresser and hair expert at JeanClaude Biguine, suggests beware of the sun and your nicotine consumption. “For your grays, you have to be careful. Catching too much sun can cause your gray strands to turn yellow. Apart from that, even smoking can make them turn yellow. But in case that happens, today we have a range of great products that can help us protect grays. When it comes to products, Sarroche suggests sticking with matte products instead of shiny ones to further improve the appearance of your hair. “When you use products with a glossy finish, your hair is darker and ends up hiding the grays. If you want a lighter salt and pepper look, matte is the best option. Plus, it feels more natural, which is always great, ”he adds.

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