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Here’s Where You Can Buy Harry Styles’ Golden Necklace

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Harry Styles improved our quarantine with his Golden Musical clip. The singer has shown the summer we never had this year. We’ve seen him run, drive and swim on the Amalfi Coast, where he also showed off his sartorial fashion choices.

Gucci crochet driving gloves, floral print pants by Steven Stokey-Daley, vintage yellow rain hat, but the item every fan is dying to get their hands on is the Styles necklace in the video. In the video, Harry sports a pearl necklace with the word “Golden” in pearls.

The pearl necklaces trend started with Styles’ look at the 2019 Met Gala, and then has been continued by Timothee Chalamet and A $ AP Rocky on numerous occasions. Now Styles has continued to make this his signature style with this handmade piece.

The search for this necklace ends here because the good news is that it is actually available for purchase. There are two “golden” necklaces that the singer wears throughout the clip, and both are from a brand called Éliou.

Take a look below.

Entitled as “All the sensations,The necklace is available for $ 185 (Rs. 13, 735). Both necklaces are personalized, so you can personalize yours on the site. So whether you mean “Golden”, “Cherry” or “She” or literally something else, the option is there.

In September, Styles was spotted wearing another necklace from the brand that bears his name and is priced at $ 85 (Rs 6,310). The “Harry” necklace is also customizable, although the singer appears to be wearing a version entirely in blue beads.

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