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Here’s Where Sir Alex Ferguson Stands On The Ronaldo Vs Messi Debate

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The Ronaldo Vs Messi debate is endless. There never seems to be a definitive answer. Especially because these two players are always neck and neck when it comes to everything. Whether it’s football skills, brand offerings / recommendations, net worth or rewards and recognition, the two have always been on the same level. But is Sir Alex Ferguson’s team Messi or team Ronaldo?

Ferguson, who managed Ronaldo for six years while at Manchester United, told John Parrott through The mirror, “Do people say who is the best player in the world? And a lot of people rightly say Messi – you can’t dispute that opinion.

“But Ronaldo could play for Millwall, Queens Park Rangers, Doncaster Rovers… anyone, and score a hat-trick in a game. I’m not sure Messi can do it.

“Ronaldo has two feet, he’s fast, excellent in the air, he’s brave – Messi’s brave, of course. I think Messi is a Barcelona player, ”Ferguson explained of the Ronaldo Vs Messi debate.

Ronaldo has been a player who has belonged to several big clubs throughout his career, while Messi has remained at FC Barcelona his entire career, which Ferguson pointed out. Independent.

“When the ball is at the feet of Lionel Messi, it’s like he’s wearing slippers,” he said.

“But there is a difference between Messi and Ronaldo and I’ll tell you what it is. I think Messi is a Barcelona player, but Ronaldo could play for County Stockport and he would score a hat-trick. He’s brilliant in the air and he’s got two feet, ”Ferguson added.

Messi recently shared his take on his rivalry with Ronaldo. The 33-year-old recounted DAZN, “Our teams were also very demanding: Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the two strongest clubs in the world. Peer-to-peer competition for so many years is something that will remain forever. The duel between me and Cristiano Ronaldo was very good on a personal level and I think people enjoyed it.

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