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Here’s What President-Elect Joe Biden Plans To Do For Indians

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US President-elect Joe Biden has big immigration plans. While the Trump administration has almost kept immigrant families from surviving, let alone entering the country, Biden plans to reverse all of that.

With Vice President Kamala Harris by his side, Biden is expected to stamp out the policy of revoking spouses’ work permits for H-1B visas, which had severely affected thousands of Indian families in the United States.

“Highly skilled temporary visas should not be used to discourage the recruitment of workers already in the United States for jobs in demand. An immigration system that crowds out highly skilled workers for the sake of entry-level wages and skills only threatens US innovation and competitiveness, ”according to a policy document released by the Biden campaign.

“Biden will work with Congress to first reform temporary visas to establish a salary-based allocation process and establish enforcement mechanisms to ensure they are aligned with the labor market and not used to undermine wages. Next, Biden will support increasing the number of highly skilled visas and eliminating employment-based visa limits by country, which create unacceptable backlogs, ”he added.

Trump had suspended H-1B visas as well as other types of overseas work visas until the end of 2020 in June, to secure American jobs and workers.

Biden will also give more power and opportunity to professionals who contribute to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields in the United States. “Biden believes that foreign graduates of a US doctoral program should receive a green card with their degree and that losing these highly skilled workers to foreign economies is a disservice to our own economic competitiveness,” he said. declared.

Along with revitalizing some visas, Biden also plans to create a whole new type of visa that allows cities and counties to apply for higher levels of immigrants to support their growth. According to the policy document, these visa holders would be required to work and reside in the city or county that requested them.

The policy document also expanded on Biden’s support for keeping immigrant families united, as he believes the current system is designed to almost prevent applications from being approved in a timely manner. “As President, Biden will support family immigration by preserving family unification as the foundation of our immigration system; allowing any approved applicant to receive a temporary non-immigrant visa until the permanent visa is processed; and supporting legislation that treats the spouses and children of green card holders as the immediate parents they are, exempting them from the ceilings and allowing parents to take their minor children with them at the time of immigration ” , indicates the political document.

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