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Here’s How MS Dhoni Earned Over Rs 100 Crore During This IPL Season

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Former Indian legendary skipper MS Dhoni announced his retirement in August this year, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the highest paid and successful figures in Indian cricket.

MS Dhoni has built a brand that is now bigger than ever and is set to grow. The cricketer is currently the face of 16 brands, according to data released by TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research, reports Financial Express.

Based on industry estimates, Ambi Parameswaran, Founder, Told BrandWagon Online, that Dhoni earned over Rs 100 crore, even going as high as Rs 150 crore from his bids. “Dhoni knew how to reposition himself as an actor. In each ad, he appears as a different personality and embodies the essence of the brand itself, thereby inspiring confidence.

According to some industry experts, Dhoni has managed to replace rivals like Virat Kohli in the race for approval, especially during the IPL season. Dhoni has grown into a bigger brand than any other cricketer, carrying CSK’s popularity completely on his shoulders. “If we look at IPL in particular, Dhoni has always been the bigger brand compared to Virat, and that is why most of its endorsements are active during IPL. Dhoni transcends socio-cultural and economic barriers, as he almost single-handedly fuels the CSK fandom, ”said Ajit Ravindran, co-founder and CEO of Meraki Sport and Entertainment.

“Depending on the advertiser, Dhoni charges brands anywhere between Rs 4-6 crore per day. Interestingly, despite the announcement of his retirement, Dhoni has maintained his rates for this IPL, ”added Bhairav ​​Shanth, co-founder and CEO of ITW Consulting Private Limited.

Of course, this could all be a phase, some may even explain this being blinded by Dhoni’s current status. But experts like Shanth believe it won’t end anytime soon. “Brands would understandably want to take a kick out of any property as long as it’s still up and running, but in Dhoni’s case some of the deals last longer than a season. It has always been a leading brand recognized in the far corners of the country, even among casual cricketers. The retirement announcement may have provided a little spike, but I think most brands signed on to Dhoni because if there was a perfect ‘off season’ brand ambassador it would be Dhoni because of the remember the spirit he’s years old, ”explained Shanth.

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