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Here’s How Fans Celebrated Virtually

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Every year, around 10 p.m. on November 1, Shah Rukh Khan fans flock to Mannat’s gates for his birthday. They bring cakes, firecrackers and dhedh saara pyaar, waiting for the moment when Khan will appear above the door and fan his widely spread hands. His signature gesture and the sheer charisma he exudes sends fans and social media into a whirlwind.

This year, however, due to the novel coronavirus and the fact that Khan is not currently in Mannat, his fans have come up with new ways to celebrate his 55th birthday and make it as big as possible. “Iss baar ka pyaar thoda carries se yaar (this time show your love from a distance), ”Shah Rukh Khan told fans of his birthday celebrations.

the Hindustan Times reports that a fan club hosted a virtual cake-cutting ceremony that was accessed around the world. “This year we have to do virtually everything, but make sure the celebrations are always grandiose, given that this is a festival for us. Fans will have a virtual experience of being in Mannat from Sunday midnight through the live broadcast, ”said Yash Paryani, member of Shah Rukh’s fan club. Mumbai mirror.

Paryani also said that charitable activities such as the distribution of 5,555 Covid kits with masks and disinfectants, 5,555 meals to the needy, visiting orphanages and retirement homes were also planned for Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday.

The actor was last seen in the 2018 film, Zero, which was not his best job. But, once again, he’s set the bar so high for himself with amazing performances over the years. If rumors are to be believed, Khan will be seen in a movie next year or so and we can’t wait.

Khan recently hosted another of his famous “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Twitter, where he answered questions and requests from fans and trolls. The funny thing about these sessions is that we get to witness Khan’s spiritual responses – a rarity among celebrities these days.

One of the trolls asked the actor if he was planning to sell his house, Mannat. “Bhai Mannat bechne wale ho kyaThey asked.

Bhai Mannat bikti nahi sar jhuka kar maangi jaati hai… .yaad rakhoge toh life mein kuch paa sakogay (Brother, you can’t sell Mannat – Urdu word for a prayer – but asked for it with your head bowed. Remember this if you want to accomplish anything in life), ”Khan replied, posting and the media (including this one) in a frenzy.

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