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Gucci’s New Digital Platform Let’s You Design Virtual Sneakers

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Gucci’s latest launch, Gucci Sneaker Garage is a platform introduced to bridge the physical and digital divide of the luxury world. Creative Director Alessandro Michele designed the brand’s very first digital sneaker called “Gucci Virtual 25.”

Accessible through the Gucci app, the digital space is a hotbed of games, art, stories and more, including a virtual dressing room for trying on shoes. Users will be able to create their own digital sneaker from parts of existing models and these pairs can then be “tried on” by users in augmented reality.

Using the sneaker generator, you have the opportunity to implement various items the house is known for, mixing and matching uppers, soles and branding. Once complete, you can then add your creation to virtual avatars on platforms such as Roblox and VRChat.

A group of artists including Helen Kirkum, Michael Cutini, Mattias Gollin, Rudy Lim, Bodega Rose, Haram With Sugar, Ghica Popa, Jemma Mason, Christopher Chan, Pix Sellers, Delphine Dénéréaz and Trevor Andrew have been invited by the Italian label to use the eclectic sneakers as a blank canvas to express their creativity. Using multiple mediums, each of the artists approached the materiality of the shoes, overcoming their functionality to reflect on their cultural and symbolic significance.

Take a look at their works below.


Go check it out!

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