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Great News, The Earth Could Be Destroyed By 2068. Here’s How

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You know how there is a millennial tendency to wish Earth would be destroyed and everyone die? Yes, it’s weird, but it did exist. Well, it looks like their wish has come true, but the only thing is they have to wait a few years.

We could all suffer the same fate from dinosaurs. Researchers at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy (IfA) have identified an asteroid that is expected to pass Earth closely. The asteroid, nicknamed “Apophis,” is an asteroid 1,120 feet wide (340 meters wide), about the size of a three-and-a-half-year-old football field.

Why should we be worried?

The asteroid would be pulled towards our planet thanks to a phenomenon called the Yarkovsky effect. It was first discovered in 2004 and was determined to be safe. But scientists are no longer confident after finding out that the Yarkovsky effect works on Apophis.

“All asteroids need to reradiate as heat the energy they absorb from sunlight in order to maintain thermal equilibrium, a process that slightly alters the asteroid’s orbit,” they wrote. .

The rock will soon be visible to the inhabitants of Earth. On April 13, 2029, the 300-meter Apophis can be seen with the naked eye as it passes through the belt of communications satellites orbiting Earth.

Last year, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk predicted rock in reverse and criticized the world’s lack of defensive effort.

Musk took to Twitter to poke fun at the lack of defense when responding to Joe Rogan’s tweet.

“Great name! I wouldn’t worry about this one, but eventually a big boulder will hit Earth and we currently have no defense,” he wrote.

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