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Girls In Indian Attire Get Threats And Anonymous Messages After Viral Twerking TikTok

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Things didn’t go as planned for three women who simply decided to make a TikTok.

Saumiya, a social media personality, decided to make a video with her friends, while wearing Indian attire, as hundreds of people do. Saumiya’s video attacked the Bollywood depiction of women in films during a regular dance number. Claiming that when they do it’s supposed to be good, but as soon as normal girls in the same outfit start dancing or twerking their character is challenged. Her argument was unfortunately proven, when she and her father received several disgusting messages, from strangers and relatives, questioning the now viral TikTok.

Saumiya took to Instagram to post her ordeal. “Apparently I was prostituting myself under a bridge in Oslo because I publicly choose to dress and dance differently from you?” I understand why most brunette girls live a double life. Our people will go to great lengths to try to shame you, ”she captioned her post.

Saumiya said her relative suggested prostituting herself under a bridge, while others divulged her father’s number to her and sent her unnecessarily disgusting texts. A relatively clearer text read: “You should rather beg for money on the streets, rather than tolerate it.” It’s a more honorable and respectful life, you street rat. “

Saumiya did not remove the video and instead called her relatives and the misogynistic men who were attacking her and her family. She soon published a post dedicated to South Asian women on her story. He would say, “I want all South Asians to know that I refuse to let a man or cousin or aunt shut me up. I will not stop being myself to please a culture that tries to control women by humiliating and degrading us. “

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