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Five Times We Wanted To Own Anand Ahuja’s Sneaker Collection

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Almost everyone knows Anand Ahuja is a die-hard sneakerhead in the country. Sneaker culture in India has caught up in recent years and is now accelerating. The founder of Veg / NonVeg, a chain of sneaker stores, has always been outspoken for the love of his shoes.

If you go through her Instagram account, you might be able to spot shoe posts almost once a week. His posts include images from around the world, his sneaker photos from across different parts of the world, rare finds, basketball-inspired photos, which are somehow interconnected with the shoes.

If you’re a sneakerhead like him, there must be countless times you must have wanted you to own his entire sneaker collection. For those who have no idea, we’ve put together a list for you to understand better.

Here are five of her Instagram posts that will get anyone obsessed with sneakers to own their collection. Scroll!

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