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Five Iconic Rolexes

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A Rolex is definitely forever. People rarely sell their Rolex, unless you are the lucky few who own multiple versions of the same models. At the same time, it is also a great investment. Rolex watches offer the best prices on the resale market. In fact, there is an entire international industry built around vintage Rolexes. Within the brand’s wide range, some iconic models have acquired iconic status over the years. Here are five


Launched in 1953, it rose to fame as the watch Sean Connery wore in his first role as James Bond in 1962. Since then he has also been known as the Bond Submariner. It is distinguished by the large crown, the black dial, the distinct red triangle at 12 o’clock on the bezel, the triangular indexes and the screwed back. It was also the first Submariner to benefit from chronograph certification.


The famous cola nickname of this watch comes from its red and blue bezel. Originally developed in 1955 in collaboration with Pan Am, it adorned the wrists of pilots of transatlantic flights. The latest version is in white gold with an Oyster bracelet. Sometimes the resale value of this watch exceeds the price of the original, making it a great investment. The recent version of the Jubilee bracelet was out of print before most Rolex enthusiasts knew it.


Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

The original Cosmograph Daytona from 1963 – with its three separate sub-dials and the tachymeter scale on the bezel – was intended for racing car drivers. Rolex, at the time, was the official timekeeper for Daytona International Speedway races in Florida. It was called the “exotic” dial watch and rose to fame after Paul Newman wore version 6239 in his 1968 racing film Winning. The cinematic experience made him an avid racing car driver and a great fan of the watch. They say he wore them every day. Versions 6239, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264 and 6265 have since been known as Paul Newman Daytona. The original 6239 version he gave to his daughter’s boyfriend James Cox in the 1980s sold for $ 17 million two years ago. According to the Sotheby’s auction house, a Paul Newman Daytona differs from the regular Daytona by its characteristic 3-color dial, its art deco style font and the small squares of the subsidiary dial.


First day-date, 1956

Launched in 1956, the DayDate was the first watch to display the full date and day of the week at 12 o’clock. Ref. 6611 came a few years later in 18k gold and became a mainstay of the line for many years. He was nicknamed the “President” because John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson wore them. Powered by Rolex’s caliber 1055 movement, its precision has earned it the distinction of “Officially Certified Superlative Chronometer”.


The Sky-Dweller is the most recent Rolex on this list, having only been launched in 2012. It is also the most complicated watch in the Rolex team, with a dual time zone and an annual calendar. It is powered by the self-winding Rolex 9001 caliber. The size of 42 mm and the fluted bezel make it a daring and imposing watch. The all-steel Sky-Dweller Reference 326934 launched in 2017, with an 18k white gold bezel and blue dial, quickly became a collector’s item on the market.

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