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Five Iconic Princess Diana Looks Recreated In The Crown’s Latest Season

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The crown finally introduced the most anticipated character of the series and it is none other than the Princess of Wales. Princess Diana was an icon and loved around the world for many obvious reasons. Her style is one of the main things she remembers, it’s simple with the chic and elegance of the 90s.

The crown Costume designer Amy Roberts has managed to perfect almost every outfit the princess has worn over the years. The designer explained City and countryside, the version of Diana that actress Emma Corrin portrays is only gaining a foothold. At the start of the season, she is naive and uncertain, not far from high school, but as the episodes progress the story takes this girl on this memorable journey, where she meets the handsome prince, she is engaged, then she is somehow taken to the palace.

The series has managed to recreate some of Lady Di’s iconic looks. Take a look at them below.

The pink outfit Diana wore at Highgrove in 1986 served as the inspiration for one of the looks in the show. The pink sweater is perfectly coordinated with pink gingham pants.

Crown of diana

Princess Diana’s red dress, which she wore at the Royal Opera House in 1982, served as the inspiration to recreate this other chic look.

Crown of diana

The announcement of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s engagement was such an iconic and memorable moment that costume designer Roberts chose to nail this royal blue and white outfit.

Crown of diana

During Diana’s “Balmoral Test” on the show, she opted for a patterned pink sweater that would be familiar to royal watchers. The pattern is quite similar to Lady Di’s reddish pink sweater.

The wedding dress worn by Corrin looks way too much like Diana’s actual wedding dress. There is hardly any major difference that we can see there. This is one of the best replica costumes they’ve perfected.

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