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Five Healthy Food Gifting Options To Send This Festive Season

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The holiday season is when you really eat candy and all the goodies that come your way. If you’re health conscious, it’s hard to say no to party foods. Healthy eating is usually completely ignored during festivals, as sweets are a must in Indian homes.

Here are some healthy options you should try and get the most out of the festivities without feeling guilty. Yes, this list also includes cakes and candies that are actually healthy.



For this Diwali, Foodhall offers a wide range of festive baskets. Food baskets consist of a variety of options. The salad basket includes German rye sourdough, Parmesan cheese and black truffle vinaigrette
Salt of Arqa Urte.


healthy food gifts

The Whole Protein introduced Protein Bar-Fis which are 100% natural, clean and vegetarian. Each Bar-Fi is actually a mini protein bar, filled with dried fruits like cashews, almonds, dates and berries that taste like any other local barfi.


healthy food gifts

The Baker’s Dozen launched its special, festive edition “#HandmadeArt Collection”, this Diwali to help the preservation of Patan Patola weaves across India. It combines traditional flavors such as cardamom, rose, lemon, pistachio and sesame to create a deliciously remarkable and limited-edition range of cakes, cookies, pastry kits and gift baskets.


The delicious line of chocolates and sweets from Conscious Baker are sugar free, refined flour free and suitable for diabetics. It is a healthy option for everyone, who wants to indulge in cravings without feeling guilty.


healthy food gifts

Brownsalt Bakery curated the best online gift baskets for you this festive season, which serves as healthier, artisanal version of the conventional gift hinder. All you have to do is select a gift box of your choice and choose from their range of cookies or granola bars, and you are good to go.

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