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Dessert Chefs Show The Easiest Festive Dessert You Can Make.

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Some of us are not very keen on boys and crave something different when the house piles up with the same mithais. There is a sweet tooth to satisfy, but a box does not do.

Chef Prateek Bakhtiani of Ether Atelier Chocolat, shares a delicious pistachio and white chocolate fondant you can make, and it really doesn’t look hard. The ingredients are found in every home during the holiday season. Take a look and try to do this for your loved ones:

Chocolatier and founder of Harsh Chocolates, the Ankita Jain brand it’s all about indulgence. She makes artisanal chocolates, pain au chocolat, beautiful spreads, you name it. But when it comes to a quick dessert, Ankita shares Heston’s two-ingredient chocolate mousse, which only requires chocolate and cold water. Yes, it is simple. Find out how to do it:

Want to treat yourself in a healthy way? If you are OD on mithais and want a healthier dessert option, chef Aditi Handa, founder of The Baker’s Dozen, shows how to make soft brownies with wheat flour instead of maida. A pretty quick and fun solution. Check it out here:

So do something delicious, and Happy Diwali

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