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Coronavirus Virus Could Cause A Streetwear Shortage In The UK

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Thanks to the coronavirus, there is a shortage of streetwear in the UK. According to a report by The Guardian, it has become clear that retailers face an immense struggle to meet the demands of athletics and streetwear.

With almost everyone working from home these days, wearing comfortable clothes is the primary motive. Items such as tracksuits, sneakers, and undercarriages are in high demand, making it more difficult to find them.

A detailed report from fashion analysis firm Edited says the number of styles of sportswear sold online in the UK last month rose 17% from the same period last year. If the country ends up heading for a full lockdown, that figure is expected to rise even more. Due to the various restrictions around the world, clothing brands and retailers find it difficult to source from their warehouses overseas, especially in countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Online retailer ASOS acknowledged the problem, where CEO Nick Beighton said he didn’t expect supply to return to normal levels until spring 2021.

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