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Celebrity Hair Stylists Share Ideas For Your Hair Grooming Diwali Needs

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Now that the holiday season has arrived, grooming and dressing needs to be taken a lot more seriously. At family gatherings and house parties, men should make equal efforts to style their hair. So if men are wondering what they can do to make sure their hair is styled well, you can follow these tips from celebrity hairstylists Aalim Hakim and Jean-Claude Biguine artistic director Delphine Sarroche.

We’ve rounded up some celebrity hairstyles that you can achieve just by following these tips. Take a look at them below.

Hairdresser Hakim explains: “If you want beautiful hair like Vicky Kaushal, what you can do is blow dry your hair. If you want volume, texture and movement in the hair, you can blow dry it with a flat brush. If you want a sharper hairstyle, you can use an iron to straighten your hair, then you can apply hair gel to keep it sleek and sexy.

“If you have beautiful salt and pepper hair like Hrithik Roshan, you can apply any matte product like clay, poutine or dust. The best way to keep salt and pepper hair is to use matte products, which make it look great. Try to avoid using shiny or shiny products. You can do it, but your grays will get lost somewhere. To highlight your grays, try matte products, ”recommends Hakim.

celebrity hairstylists

“To style your hair like Ayushmann Khurrana this festive, take a coin-sized pomade on your palm, rub it into your hair, and style it with your fingertips to create texture and volume. Otherwise, you can take a paddle brush on the very clean sides and you can take the volume on top. Festive thie, this is a great hairstyle to go with your ethnic outfit, suggests Hakim.

celebrity hairstylists

Sarroche recommends: “For hair with a pushback effect, you have to check the texture. If your hair is thick enough to grow back naturally, you just need to use clay or cream or gel. Use a brush to return them. If your hair is very thin, I suggest you use mousse or hold cream before drying it. Use a dry brush or a flat brush to make sure you have volume. “

Celebrity Hairdressers

“If you have long hair, you have to make sure that you apply beautiful products to make your texture look beautiful. You have to make sure your hair is dry and styled basic, but not over-styled, ”suggests Sarroche.

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