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Ayushmann Khurrana’s Stylist Gives A Lowdown On Festive Accessorising

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Ayushmann Khurrana stylist Isha Bhansali will help us with the festive accessories for the season. When it comes to Diwali outfits, it’s usually ethnic clothing, but what we don’t do is accessorization, the key role that builds a look.

Accessories play a major role in defining any look. Whether it is casual, formal or ethnic clothing, it should be seen as equally important. Yes, these little things matter the most because they change your entire style game. All you need to know is how to pair the right accessory with the right outfit without going overboard.

When you talk about party accessories, one thing clearly comes to mind, traditional jewelry. But it’s 2020 and you can definitely combine modern accessories with a traditional kurta, which makes for a contemporary look.

Let’s see how to accessorize for the festive occasion.


Speaking of chains, Bhansali says, “Just adopt a simple chain and not do everything. Take inspiration from Harry Styles and our Maharajas, wear a chain with your sherwani for a royal look.


“While they’re a big symbol of streetwear, you can wear them over your casual kurtas, with rolled up sleeves and sneakers,” Bhansali explains.


festive accessorization

She thinks big rings are the best accessory. Wear simple bracelets but several as they will go with any outfit.


She adds: “Big bracelets for casual outfits and Kadas for formal outfits.”


Bhansali says, “Sunglasses chains are a must have, it is a stylish way to support your blinds, especially for outdoor functions.”

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