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All The Sauces & Spreads

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Do you cook a lot? Me neither. Amidst careful ordering, slow exiting, and tinkering with meals, the advent of hot sauces and spreads has made it easier to consume at home. Here are some of the local products

Yazu Mumbai

Yazu Mumbai: Pan-Asian Supper Club has launched two sauces for retail sale. Their sichuan and burnt pepper oil can be purchased to complement your homemade meals. Sichuan is actually a great side dish for omelet sandwiches, in my opinion, and you can probably toss your Saturday noodles in the tasty burnt chili oil.

Delivery: everywhere in Mumbai

Big Fat Essentials

Big Fat Essentials really has all the essentials if you are in Delhi-NCR. From gourmet dips and savory jams to hot sriracha mayonnaise to the most basic pesto, their collection of sauces and spreads is large and has something for every meal. From pasta to chili burgers to black beans, here’s where your Sunday brunch taste comes from.

Find them on Instagram @bigfatessentials

Not just hot

Dinner sauces

Not Just Hot, a Bangalore-based food brand, offers hot wok sauces, chutneys and more, all inspired by Asia, Europe, and India. Their menu is extensive. Whether it’s having your dumplings with Thai-inspired coriander root wok sauce or enjoying chili chicken with Andhra Chilli sauce, all kinds of meals can be covered. Currently they only ship to Bengaluru, but will soon be available across India.

Find them on

Saucemiester Co.

Dinner sauces

A new gourmet sauce start-up, The Saucemiester Co. has an organized menu of sauces and dips, and everything is made to order, so you need to pre-order accordingly. The new menu offers interesting choices of hummus, a tzatziki dip, and a tangy pesto too, which can accompany your Saturday snack.

Find them on Instagram @thesaucemiesterco

El Diablo sauces

Dinner sauces

El Diablo, based on Gurugram, has some interesting sauces that go beyond the usual ketchupy vibe. The emphasis is on flavorful, preservative-free additions to your meals, like a Chilimon sauce to dress your salad, or Boom – their Bhut Jolokia based sauce – for the sadists who love it so tangy.

Find them on Instagram @eldiablosauces

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