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All Our Favourite Celeb Halloween Costumes From This Year

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This year, all the celebrities came to play. We didn’t have much in 2020 other than a deadly virus that wiped out much of Earth’s population. Therefore, Halloween was on everyone’s mind and celebrities made sure to celebrate it in the best possible way.

Scroll through some of our favorite Celebrity Halloween costumes of 2020:

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Celebrity Halloween Costume 2020 Special Mention: Travis Scott

Yes, a few outfits caught everyone’s attention, but no one made an impact like Travis Scott. When you are a celebrity, you are almost certain to be cheated no matter what. But Travis Scott’s trolling was a bit too much, so much so that Scott turned his Instagram account off after posting his Halloween outfit.

The artist dressed up as Batman and had a special costume made for him. Instead of the classic all-black outfit, Scott opted to have his Batman costume in his signature brown color. Things did not go as planned. The trolls quickly started calling him “roach man” and “doo doo man,” after which Scott quickly deactivated his account.

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