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Actors Fear OTT May Become A ‘Khichdi’ Of Content

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“OTT has given many talented actors the chance they desperately needed. I have been in film, television and advertising, and have also been on OTT platforms. OTT gives actors more opportunities to explore and flesh out their characters. If you watch movies from 15-20 years ago, there was a certain formula: a hero, a heroine, a villain and a few classic characters like a doctor, a lawyer, etc. Then an element of comedy was added to that mix, and we had “the comedian”. Now the format of cinema is also changing. People focus on characters who are not the main protagonists. I wasn’t the main actor in a movie and yet people love and respect me. This is the gift of OTT, and this new brand of cinema, ”our October 2020 star, Pankaj Tripathi, told us about the OTT boom in India.

However, with theaters no longer seeing turnout like before due to the pandemic, many big movies have turned to OTT platforms for a release. Movies like Khaali Peeli, Shakuntala Devi, and Laxmmi are all ready for an OTT version.

“We knew the meaning was still there, but it was only limited to certain types of audiences. Without access to movie theaters (due to lockdown), which takes away a key part of life, OTTs have filled that void. I am very happy that the public can see our work from their own comfortable place, keeping their safety, ”actor Vijay Varma said Hindustan Times.

“OTT has changed the face of entertainment in India. No one saw it coming. OTT is not only on par with Bollywood, but has actually progressed, especially during the crown era. He has a major boost because of the big picture. People, everyone from top to bottom reconsider their choices, all of their career plans. OTT will be a big part of their plans, everyone’s plans in the times to come, ”acknowledges actress Kirti Kulhari who has appeared on shows like Four more shots please! and Blood bard.

However, not everyone is so excited about the OTT boom.

“I’m just afraid it won’t turn into a khichdi. This is my only fear. It’s as if so much is happening online that it could create too much confusion. There is good and bad in everything. If so many OTT platforms show up and each will have so much content then something will also backfire ”. Sacred games actor Saurabh Sachdeva said HT.

At the same time, actress Rasika Dugal hopes that OTT platforms will not release figures, which will lead to the creation of a “star system” in a space considered more democratic than the big screen.

“I think there is no release of numbers at least so far publicly, so there is no pursuit of numbers. It’s always a search for good content rather than numbers, this that had happened in the movies, so the competition is to generate more interesting content versus who can reach a certain number, ”Dugal told the newspaper.

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