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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The 2020 iPad Air Over The iPad Pro

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Apple’s latest iPad Air is the latest device to join the company’s tablet lineup. But it looks like Apple has stacked it with such optimal features, buyers might have a hard time deciding between the IPad Air 2020 or the iPad Pro.

While the iPad Pro is the most superior device in many ways, the iPad Air has a few significant improvements over its older model that make it the most practical choice in 2020:


The new iPad Air is almost identical to the Pro. Well, more like identical to the 2018 Pro. The previous generation Air still sported the old fingerprint scanning home button at the bottom of the screen. The new Air also comes with thinner bezels, but still not as thin as the Pro. Moreover, you also have a variety of amazing colors to choose from to make your iPad stand out.


How many times have you used the camera on your tablet? Just a few times we bet. Your tablet’s camera just needs to be capable enough to do basic tasks, which the 12-megapixel wide camera on Air can easily do. You don’t get the Pro’s 12-megapixel ultra-wide or the LIDAR sensor, but you probably wouldn’t use them too often anyway.


It used to be ridiculous to consider an Air as powerful as a Pro. In 2020, that really is a possibility. According to several benchmark tests and results, the Air’s A14 bionic chip isn’t far behind the Pro’s A12 Z Bionic chip in terms of performance.


With the release of the 2018 and 2020 Pro, Apple also launched new iPad accessories such as the second-generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard earlier this year. The old iPad Air weren’t compatible with these exciting new accessories, but the 2020 Air is. You can use the amazing Apple Pencil 2 and let your iPad float thanks to the Magic Keyboard, which now fits the 2020 Air.


Without a doubt, one of the main factors of the Air is its lower price. In India, the Air starts at Rs 54,900, which is almost Rs 20,000 less than the Pro which starts at Rs 71,900.

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